SENT vs. Dropbox

Dropbox vs Sent

With so many supposedly secure file sending solutions out there, the decision to choose one can be very confusing. From a distance, the applications may all appear the same. However, when it comes to apps like SENT and Dropbox, the differences are extremely clear.  Let’s detail a few: Store

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sending large files secure

How Do I Send Encrypted Files?

From Twitter to SnapChat, it’s clear that the internet is made for sharing. But sending sensitive information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data shouldn’t be done through social media, an email or email attachment. It requires a truly secure file transfer option. There are numerous products you can

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How to transfer files securely

The Best Way to Transfer Files Securely

For most people, the first choice for sending files is by using email or sharing links with file storage apps like DropBox, Box or Google Drive or unsecured large file apps, like WeTransfer. Whether you’re sending passwords, contracts, financial documents, or any other confidential information, one believes that their files

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