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wetransfer vs sent

If you’ve ever tried to email very large files to someone only to discover your email server couldn’t handle them, you’re not alone. Nowadays it is much easier to find a file transfer solution that can handle extra-large files.  But if that extra-large file happens to be sensitive, you may want to reconsider using an app like WeTransfer. If you want to send big files safely, you should only use SENT. Because, just like the differences that we detailed in our blog, DropBox vs. SENT, the differences between WeTransfer and SENT are also vast. Yes, both allow you to send super large files as a standalone delivery service, but that’s where their similarities end. 

Besides a focus on security, the first and most obvious difference is that SENT has NO maximum file size cap. I mean absolutely none, nada, zip. CAD files, Photoshop files, Illustrator files –whatever you can create, you can SENT. WeTransfer caps you at 2GB with a free account and 20GB even when you pay for their Plus account. But from there the price one pays for going with WeTransfer gets a little scarier.

Who got your file?

When people use WeTransfer they are under the impression that their files are secure. However, time and again WeTransfer’s security has fallen short. Just recently there was a security issue involving WeTransfer and for two days users were unaware that they were sending files to the wrong people. To make matters worse, the team at WeTransfer says they “don’t know what happened.” That’s not reassuring at all! Another WeTransfer security breach involved WeTransfer Plus, their premium paid option, which was letting anyone who wanted to send files from another company’s account without that company’s consent, completely compromising that company’s branding in the process.  

For SENT, getting your files safely to the actual recipient you intended is non-negotiable. Your contacts are verified and must have an account and you can get the download receipts. There is no, “Oops, we sent your critical files to the wrong people.”

Store and Share vs Transfer

WeTransfer stores your files and then sends out a link or email with a link to get to those files. This is very similar to how DropBox does it. The problem here is the link part. The link leads you right to the content without question, so if it gets out into the wild or shared with the wrong person, the file is exposed and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are using their premium account, your data could be up for weeks or longer and as we know, the longer a file stays on the Internet, the more at risk it is of being compromised. 

When you SENT a file, that file is broken apart and encrypted all the way through and then reassembled for your verified recipient upon download and then erased from our systems. Encryption keys are unique for every file making it even harder for hackers to attack your files. We are so obsessed with your security that SENT even encrypt the message you include with your files, we figure there is no reason to leave anything unencrypted. 

File Deletion

Like most cloud storage solutions, WeTransfer’s link expire. Yet, even if the file was sent to the right person, the file doesn’t just disappear once it gets there. It is still sitting on the WeTransfer servers, which may be mirrored and replicated and a sitting duck for hackers. Files can remain accessible and vulnerable to cybercriminals for months. The WeTransfer Plus solution stores up to 100GB of data – all vulnerable when sitting on their service with a simple link. They consider the long term storage of your data a feature of their Plus plan. We have a different perspective.

All files transferred through SENT are automatically and permanently deleted from SENT once the last permitted download completes, which can only be a maximum of 5 days since it gets SENT, with a default of 1 day retention. There is nothing left. You have your file and your recipient has the file and that’s it. We don’t charge extra for this feature, it is the whole point of SENT.

Cost & Ease of Use

Anyone can share files from the WeTransfer website without an account — we don’t think that’s such a great feature. Users can add up to 20 email recipient addresses and files up to 2GB. WeTransfer offers a free option and a Plus option that is $120/year or $12/month.

SENT has accounts for free and subscription models as well as a-la-carte so you can stay in a free account for life if you want and buy the features you need only when you need them. WeTransfer focuses on sending large files to creatives, while SENT focuses on the security of any data transfer and has no limit to the file size or amount of recipients. Users need to decide which is most important for their needs and at which price level.

Enterprise Management

All SENT customers, including free accounts, get multi-user, domain control and enterprise features included.  WeTransfer requires a paid business account for similar multi-user management.

3rd Party Integration

It’s coming. We are on our way to integrating SENT into major email clients and industry-specific software such as accounting, law, insurance and many more. Sign up for our mailing list or check our blog to be the first to know about our new feature releases.  

Desktop Version

It’s in testing. WeTransfer offers a desktop app and mobile app that sync all of your files across multiple computers and devices. While this is great for sharing files between your devices, it also means a copy of these files are kept on their servers for access. Your data is now stored in a lot of uncontrolled places. 

SENT’s desktop application is about the convenience of securely transferring files right from your desktop without having to log in to the web app. The desktop app also allows us to provide end to end encryption which means SENT has no access to your private encryption keys. Our roadmap plans to release more and more features in the desktop app that you currently have on the web app today and then some. 

With over a decade of industry experience, there’s no doubt that WeTransfer has made their mark in the file sharing industry. Yet, after over ten years, they still aren’t able to securely transfer sensitive documents and data files. Avoid the hassle and uncertainty and keep yourself and/or your business data safe. Send your files with SENT, the most secure, easy, convenient, affordable file transfer solution on Earth.

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