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File Storage: Should Have SENT it.

Companies and people often "place" files on storage like S3 and DropBox and it doesn't get cleaned up after the files are used, leaving the data and the privacy of the subjects of that data to be vulnerable like this study proved. Instead of storing the data for temporary use,

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It’s About Time You Used A Password Manager

Passwords are becoming increasingly painful to remember. Creating them and remembering them for every single thing we are signed up to can be tedious and with reports of sensitive data being compromised due to hackings of reputable companies, the need for a password manager has never been greater. Here's an article

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Using Unencrypted USB Devices at Work

The main reason for using USB sticks is to transfer data from one computer to another. It may not necessarily be to even give to someone else, but to take home to do some work or move onto a laptop before going on a business trip. USB sticks are prone

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