SENT: The Encrypted File Transfer Application Set to Disrupt Enterprise-Obsessed Security Industry

SENT: The Encrypted File Transfer Application Set to Disrupt Enterprise-Obsessed Security Industry

TSB Technologies, Inc., a company dedicated to developing advanced cyber security products for the SMB market, announces the launch of SENT, their encrypted file transfer SaaS application, which will enable small to medium-sized businesses and consumers to securely send their files without the cost or complications of an enterprise level solution. SENT’s mission is to empower anyone to confidently send their files securely.

SENT offers users the ability to transfer the largest files imaginable to an endless number of recipients in an affordable and user-friendly way. Easy enough for a technophobe, hearty enough for larger organizations requiring centrally managed multi-user accounts and admin controls, and impenetrable enough for the most paranoid of geeks, yet so inexpensive it can be used all day, every day.

“We are filling the massive void between expensive enterprise software and low-feature consumer targeted offerings, by investing heavily in making this a practical and affordable solution that can truly help small to medium-sized business, as well as individuals,” says, John Virgolino CEO and co-founder of the company.

SENT’s great pricing options include both free and paid subscriptions and ala carte stamp books. Each free user account receives 5 free stamps a month, plus stamps are continuously earned by inviting new contacts and can be gifted from other users.

“While SENT is a responsive web app now, we are already at work on our API to offer both a SENT desktop app, as well as endless opportunities to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party apps,” says Michele Melnick, co-founder, and COO.

SENT has been verified and tested by Pivot Point Security, a leading independent cybersecurity firm, to attest to both its infrastructure and application security.

SENT is finally bringing big security to small businesses and consumers and is now available to use via

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